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I have had few friends who were Christians and they asked me to join the church on Sundays,  I started to do it,as i didnt knew then how to pray so I started talking to Jesus in my heart and wrote letters to Him believing He is my friend. I was growing in my Christian faith and attending the church regularly ,my love and desire for Jesus grew immensely ,I was experiencing an increasing joy only in His presence. When I shared the same thing with my parents about JESUS they were furious and they denied for me to become a Christian and warned me not to go to church as they say JESUS IS A FOREIGN GOD !!! On the other hand my desire for Jesus became even stronger though I was prohibited to go to church but God's spirit was so strong in me that  I never bowed to any anymore though I was forced by my parents. Their anger grew so much that my mother threw every Bible I got. Then I started to worship Jesus privately begging God to change their hearts.  Started to pray in my room secretly that God forgive her for her acts against Him and save them. God heard my steadfast prayers of several years ,now they accept me as a Christian. I boldly proclaim the Gospel to the lost all for God's Glory! Alleluia !

I was born again in 2008 at 22, I  Praise the Most High for His Grace Upon me for choosing me.Being a Born Again in Him is a life changing experience and more than that the Spiritual journey with the Lord is overwhelming .God has been merciful to me always and in every hardship He's been my father ,brother and a best friend guiding me through His Spirit fulfilling His promises ! Glory be to the Father , the Son and the Holyspirit. Amen.The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want; Psalms 23, is one of the greatest promises I rely on.Amen. Hallelujah.


"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you;I appointed you a prophet to the nations. Jeremiah 1:5" God spoke to me through this scripture and reassured it in vision & dream.

I started The Philadelphia Ministries in 2013 registered by Government of Telangana India, based in Hyderabad city. We started from less than 10members in the Church and now God blessed us with 200 Plus congregation. Its all His grace what that we continue to be the light to the world. Amen.

OUR TEAM : The Philadelphia Ministries

Pratima Esther ,President & Founder 

N.Sunder John ,Vice President

N.Sudarshan Rao , Sr.Pastor 

S.Kumari, Church Secretary

Santoshamma,Womens Leader

Pastoral Team : Prabhu Das, Isaac ,Rebecca And Balaraju.


I am Pratima Potturu, from India, Hyderabad city.I am born and raised in a strong Hindu ordthodox family who worship idols which are countless (Exodus 20: 3 I Lord is your God and you shall not worship any other God.) I've always thanked God for giving the  best in my life, it is a blessing to have loving parents and be part of giant joint family of 25 members, a bundle of joy with best of education, Computers Science Engineering  (B-Tech). II had a wonderful life altogether but then having had all these there was a question  "Is this all real happiness ? " I started to search for PEACE which was missing. Inmidst of various religious bondages and traditions which never had brought peace within my soul and in this search of inner happiness or peace I have been to every sacred place hindu temples, the dargas and churches. I was sitting at a Church and talking to JESUS as i never knew how to pray; Jesus i have been looking for Peace in my life and crying out my heart where i heard a voice saying these words " I AM PEACE"  I was trembled and the spirit led me to pray that very moment which was the first time in my life to Pray and Praise God ; I have experienced eternal happiness which is beyond this words can express. Since then no looking back Jesus is my God and Lord now.  I started working for a german based company and I prayed to God to use my talents for Him and in 2009 I got break in my career through Gods grace. On job God took me to Malaysia,Finland,Sweden and Prague as Country Marketing Manager for F-Secure ,India. 

We are a team of Servants of God  and  family in Christ ,a people dedicated unto God that are changing their communities and committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to people all over the world using the gifts, power of the Holy Spirit and talents that God has given unto us to bring the Good News to all the nation and  help them experience the abundant life our Lord has for each and everyone.


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